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All Point POS is the Leading Temperature Checking Kiosk in Tampa Bay


Are you feeling unwell? Sweating more than usual? If you have any other symptoms of a cold or the flu, you should make sure you don't have a temperature. Going to work or school when you're unwell and potentially contagious is irresponsible. All Point POS manufactures a sophisticated temperature checker in Tampa Bay for your office or workplace. You can use the device to find out whether or not you have a fever. Our temperature check application tells you within seconds whether or not your temperature is normal.


All Point's temperature monitoring system is highly sophisticated. The temperature scanner produces results almost instantly, and the results are highly accurate. If you need an employee temperature check, you can send your employee straight to the temperature check kiosk we've installed for you. The digital temperature reader can take an accurate reading of their temperature without making contact with them. This is a crucial part of preventing the spread of pathogens. By using a temperature reader that doesn't need to physically touch the user, you can limit the risk of spreading illness among your staff.


With our temperature screening kiosk, you can make it effortless for yourself and your employees to carry out a temperature check. You don't need to make an appointment with your doctor. It doesn't take long, either. Set up one of our temperature screening kiosks in Tampa Bay, and you can find out within seconds whether or not you have a fever. It's that simple! With a body temperature checker like ours, you know whether or not you can carry on with your day, or if you need to go home to rest and recover.

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